The following times I provide are just general trends I’ve observed. Depending on your time line I normally recommend group photos take place twenty minutes after the ceremony. It is a balance between providing plenty of time for you to receive congratulations and not leaving it so long that your guests disperse. Family photographs tend to take around 40 minutes altogether. The exact length of time will depend on how many family photos you are after, how quickly everyone assembles for the photos and how big the group of people is in each photo. If you want a full group shot of everyone who attended the ceremony I would allow at least an extra 10 minutes for it. It helps if you can ask your ceremony officiant to let your guests know when and where group photos will take place and who is required (e.g. extended family only) at some point during the ceremony. When it comes to your wedding, I am happy to go with the flow on the day or plan it all out with you – whichever you prefer.