I am so excited to share this beautiful family’s photos! Our dear friends Nigel and Liz have welcomed their third daughter to the family and gosh she is sweet!! We are all in love with little Josephine. She is so chill and gives the most engaging smiles. Her sisters Emilene and Phoebe are besotted with her too, they make a truly gorgeous trio.

To capture their growing family and celebrate their girls we visited the Christchurch botanical gardens for a photo session. We had a lot of fun playing among the daffodils and snow drops, though the girls’ shoes may have gotten a little bit muddy in the process! All in the name of genuine smiles and happy family photos right?! Phoebe loved exploring and got ‘hands on’ with the flowers at one point, while Emilene was the perfect happy big sister. We couldn’t help laughing at Emilene’s hilarious expression when Phoebe triumphantly pulled out a daffodil. Priceless ♥

Thank you for joining me Yeoh Family, it was such a pleasure to capture these moments with you! I’m looking forward to sharing many fun family adventures and watching the girls grow.