These are our gorgeous boys. I feel like their childhood is just flying past!  I took this photograph in February during a family holiday at Lake Alexandrina. The lake has been close to my family’s heart for a long time, ever since my great grandparents built their hut here. Having this photograph of my boys at this special place holds a lot of meaning. I know they will grow up loving the lake and I hope one day their kids will too.

I believe that great portraits can help to define who we are together. They can showcase connections to those around us and to the land in meaningful ways, in images we revisit over and over. Great photographs that are framed properly will continue to be cherished year after year and become heirloom pieces. I wonder what photographs like this, of happy times together, might mean to us in the future.

I first started photographing weddings in 2010, just after I married my husband Pete. Since then I have photographed many weddings throughout New Zealand and Australia. When we had our first son, William, I was also drawn into the world of newborn and family photography. In both my wedding and newborn sessions I strive for timeless images that capture the real joy and emotion present in that moment. I love authentic photographs which are natural and candid. When I am editing my aim is to preserve the beauty that was present on the day in images that are crisp and vibrant.

Our family has grown, we also have Luke (4 / mischief maker / chief bug collector) and Jamie (12 months / smiler / cuddle lover). Somehow it seems even more urgent to me to be capturing images of us as a family. To me portraits provide a chance to cultivate our family identity. We are adventurers, we value kindness, we are present in the moment and we have fun together. I want something for them to look back on which shows them who we were and reminds them how much they are loved. Plus studies have shown that when children are around photographs of themselves it increases their self-esteem. Yet another reason to keep freeing our images from dusty hard drives and printing them!

Photography has taken me to many amazing places. Each new location has given me the opportunity to develop my ability to capture unique perspectives in beautiful ways. I especially love creating images that deserve to be printed in large format. New Zealand is full of stunning landscapes and there is nothing better than a beautiful shot where you are surrounded by natural beauty. Photographs which capture us together, out amongst our gorgeous country deserve to adorn our walls and be enjoyed for years to come.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of an idea of my ethos and background. I’d love to hear about your plans. You are welcome to meet me before you book in, please get in touch by either emailing me at info@mandycaldwell.co.nz or calling me on 0225007008.